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Seven Springs Farm is a 125 acre organic farm in Floyd County, Virginia, USA. Our philosophy is to be stewards of the land in the most ecological way possible. We use farming methods that build the fertility of the soil, such as organic fertilizers and biodynamically made compost. Pest management is achieved through cultural practices and biological and botanically-based materials.
Organic Farming & Gardening Supply Catalog Ron carries a large variety of Organic Fertilizers, Growing Mixes, Animal Supplements, Pest Management, Grower's Supplies, Deer Fencing, and Cover Crop Seed. For more information about the National Organic Program go to the catalog and at the begining there is a section about the NOP. Phone contact 800-540-9181.
The farm is also home to a Community Supported Agriculture Garden. Polly has about 5 acres in vegetables. She uses eco-ganic and biodynamic practices and she is committed to providing high quality food and preserving the rural economy. The CSA concept is based on the assumption that farmers around the world have a right to a decent living. Consumers have a right to know how their food is produced and information about the farmer and about the farm where it is grown. When you buy a share in this CSA, you are voting with your dollars for the restoration of our region's farmland and rural economy, and for protection of farmlands and farm workers worldwide. As sustainable farming connects us with the Earth, community support connects us to each other. Come join us to create and secure your own food supply.
We host a Work Apprentice Program designed to teach an individual a realistic view of what is involved in running an organic farm. The apprentice will learn many aspects of organic farming, including vegetable production, organizational management of the CSA and a variety of homesteading skills. Go to our web site for more details.
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Seven Springs Farm

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426 Jerry Lane
Check, Virginia 24072
United States

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