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Originally planted to mission olives 100 years ago, 6 acres were planted in Kiwi's in 1981. Since then we have added grapes, figs, pecans, hazelnuts, cherries, raspberries and summer vegetables and melons. Although our soil is not class 1 type, we have worked hard to restore life & fertility to it. It has been a labor of love . Our wealth is the food that we produce and our customers are our friends. ...

California, United States
We are a certified organic farm and have been since 1997. We raise the feed necessary for beef production. We sell our beef cut, wrapped and frozen ready for the freezer. Portions are individually wrapped...

Alberta, Canada

Maine, United States

Minnesota, United States
Greenling is an organic food delivery business that works with local farms to bring the freshest produce right to your door. We supplement local produce with certified organic produce from all over. ...

Texas, United States

We are the first and so far only certified organic produce farm in Jefferson County, PA. We are 50 acres, with pastures, henhouse and barn, greenhouses, raised beds, and Grade A goat dairy!...

Pennsylvania, United States
Doe Run Farm is a small, diversified family owned farm located in a scenic valley at the foot of the Appalachian mountain chain in Southern Tennessee. Certified Organic in April 2006, the farm grows for...

Tennessee, United States
Currently selling at Portsmouth, NH Farmers' Market on Saturdays, 8:00 AM to 1:00 PM.

New Hampshire, United States
Grass Finished Beef. We practice intensive rotational grazing. Our beef is dry aged, cut, and frozen here in Maine. Most of our sales our to area residents, but we will ship frozen beef.

Maine, United States
Organic since 1988, certified since 1994, averaging 75 to 80 cows on 408 acres. All feed goes to cows, excess in a good year sold to neighboring organic farmers. We do not sell milk off the farm. It...

Wisconsin, United States
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Farms 81 to 90 of 429
     Farms Per Page