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OBE Beef
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OBE Organic Beef - Taste the difference Why OBE Beef? Delicious organic products are exactly what consumers are seeking. OBE Beef has embraced the worldwide demand for Organic products and has been exporting these items since 1998. We are the world leaders in the specialty organic beef market. What makes OBE Organic Beef that much better? The amazing flavour in every cut of our premium organic beef is something that has to be tasted to be believed. OBE Beef cattle are bred and fattened in the remote inland area of Australia known as the Channel Country. Enjoy with us, the flavour and 'Taste of the Australian Outback'. Certified 100% Organic Free of chemicals and growth promotants Healthy and Nutritious Old world taste combined with modern food safety.

Product rangeOBE's product range extends from certified organic vacuum-packed primal cuts and trimmings, to value-added organic burger patties and fully cooked organic meat balls. These are no ordinary hamburger patties and meatballs. They are made from prime Channel Country beef which is 100 per cent organic. Our delicious tasting burgers are made from ground organic beef, formed into a tender patty. Our fully cooked grilled organic meatballs combine the great taste of Channel Country Organic Beef, with various seasoning.
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