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Mike & Dee Blaha
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United States


We are a small family farm on the west coast of Central Florida. We raise chemical and hormone free rabbits; chickens; eggs; sheep; cows; pigs; turkeys; Cornish hens; and vegetables. Our poultry birds are cage free, our cows and sheep are naturally pasture grass grazed. Our products are raised for human and pet consumption. We raise worms for bait; ornamental & tropical fish; turtles; lizards; and garden composting. We cater to customers that want to know where their food and their pets’ food is coming from and we pride ourselves on customer service and professionalism. We accept special custom orders, reservations and Master Card, Visa, American Express, Discover & Paypal. Check out our web sites and for pricing and availability. 352.796.0459
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Mike & Dee Blaha