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Why Choose Organic?

Why Choose Organic Foods Over Conventional Foods?

  • Organic Food:

    • optimizes the health of plants, animals (including your pets) and people.
    • is produced without the use of artificial pesticides, antibiotics, synthetic fertilizers and is hormone free.
    • is not genetically modified.
    • has a larger amount of beneficial vitamins, minerals, essential fatty acids and antioxidants.
    • has the potential to lower incidences of common conditions such as heart disease and allergies.
    • may taste better than conventional, but this is up to each indivdual to decide on.
  • Organic Farming:

    • saves energy. Conventional farming uses more petroleum than any other single industry; consuming twelve percent of the country's energy supply.
    • involves humane treatment to animals. Animals are usually raised free-range and never confined to overcrowded feed pens.
  • Organic Food Doesn't Have To Cost You.

    • Switching over to organic food doesn't mean that you have to change your diet a hundred percent. Even changing a couple items in your diet can have many health benefits.
    • If you're worried about the costs of organic food, shop around and see which products are worth paying that extra penny for. In fact some organic produce may even be priced the same as conventional produce, depending on the season.
  • Shopping Tips

    • Check labels, if the front of the product doesn't read as organic, it's either not organic or not completely. If a product is less than seventy percent organic, the organic ingredients may be listed on the side of the package but the packaging cannot say "organic" on the front.
    • The USDA certified organic seal notifies you that the product is filled with at least ninety five percent organically grown ingredients.
    • Free-range meat doesn't mean you're buying organic meat, it means animals had access to the outdoors. Animals that are raised free-range (normally chickens and cows) are not normally fed on an natural food diet, unless otherwise specified. Always look for free-range organic meat in the store. Free-range versus conventional meat can be typically the same.
    • Products specified as "natural" or natural food does not mean they are organic, but the product may contain some organic ingredients.

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